What work is like for us everyday

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Passionate about what we do

We don’t just “get it done”. We love what we do, and we want to do it best! We’re always “in the zone” when coding, blowing minds when designing, and sharing a laugh or two with our users when helping them out.

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Constant Improvement

We are always eager to learn new things and develop new skills! We go to conferences together, share articles and videos, and learn from each other. We also give feedback between ourselves (informally) to push ourselves to do better.

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Serious about our work, not ourselves

We joke around, play some music, and do weird plays too! Ok, maybe less of the weird play and more of the AWESOME plays. But we have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously, while doing great work.

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We care about you

We see you as a person, not a job title. Emergency personal days are understandable. We notice when new employees are too embarrassed to ask for things and offer. We try our best to make all of us feel comfortable and cared for.

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Group of good friends, working and playing together

We eat together, work together, and have fun together. We have lunch together (whoever’s not working from home, that is), and the company pays for lunch out once a month. We have movie nights, birthday/anniversary cakes, and lego building sessions too!

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Giving back to society

We give back to society as much as we can. Each month, Seyali puts a portion of our profits towards helping third-world entrepreneurs via We also give large discounts to non-profit organizations. From time to time, we also hold donation drives within the company.